The Eagle Companies is a industry leader in heavy duty modular applications.  Backed by 32 years of custom design reaching over 30 countries around the globe. 


   Eagle is now offering Climate Resistant (CR) insulation packages across all product lines. This custom assembled insulation package reduces thermal transfer by over 40%. Reducing your thermal gain keeps maximizes your HVAC equipment output. 

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   Eagle “Steel Rivet” brings Climate Resilience into personal housing with Net-Zero Energy and the full spectrum of Embodied Carbon Reduction.


   The Eagle Companies, Inc. "Steel Rivet" affordable multi-family housing package incorporates the very best of our 32-year history of development into heavy-duty modular applications. The “Steel Rivet” structural platform is field tested in over 28 nations around the globe. Our Climate Resilience covers ambient temperatures from -40 to 125 degrees with tropical windload capacity that exceeds 151 mph. Our structural capacity will support Seismic level D with roof live load that exceed 100 lbs. per sq. ft.



   Operational Carbon emissions is eliminated by the 100% fossil-fuel-free design. Each building component has been certified to meet current protocols for the full spectrum of Embodied Carbon in manufacturing, transportation, assembly, and end-of-life phases. Net Zero Energy starts with our thermal insulated R-Values that exceed DOE Com-Check by 15%.  All appliances are certified energy star. Heating and cooling is provided by heat pumps with motor controlled damper makeup air. Having full control of our humidity is paramount in energy efficiency.    Steel Rivet will be one of the first housing project in the nation to incorporate Sunamp high performance phase change batteries for domestic hot water. This patented compact heat battery delivers both room heat and hot water instantly at a fraction of the cost. Our solar packages are sized to meet the unit’s entire energy needs. Additional panels can be added to support onsite EV charging.

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Coming Soon!

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Eagle Companies Pledges Support For Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System

Quote: “Eagle Companies acknowledging the necessity of both sensitive humane resource management and environmental stewardship is pleased to pledge our active and ongoing support of the very important work that Audubon International with their AUDUBON COOPERATIVE SANCTUARY SYSTEM  provides for us all”


Many business leaders already participate in Audubon's Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Corporate and Business Properties. This program provides information and support to help business manage their sites with a high degree of environmental quality. Their collective participation in the Supporting Membership Program further strengthens their commitment to good environmental stewardship..


“Taking care of the environment means getting actively involved in conservation projects where we live, work, and recreate said Mangum. “Eagle Container is doing just that, and its efforts will benefit people, wildlife, and the environment for years to come.”

Lee Mangum, Audubon International 07-1997

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Rinse Pads custom manufactured

to meet your course and equipment size

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you can afford!

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 “There has to be a Cadillac emblem on this unit 


 Carl Sweetland, Raytheon-Range Systems Engineering Wake Island Missile Base

Rated "Best in the Theater" for equipment support by our military in Afganistan

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  "Tim, the quality is the best I have seen. You and  your team definitely made an impression"
Sincerely, Alfred I. Page Jr. (Fred) Nuclear Development Vogtle Site Manager

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 FEMA 361 certified

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Cayman Islands Custody Suite Jail  (49).jpg

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Executive Suites

Each Executive Suite consist of two eight by forty foot units. Seating for up to thirty eight. These facilities are self contained to meet the comforts required


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Enjoy complete protection from the weather. The Eagle Executive Suite package can be designed to be both temporary or permanent construction. 


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Disaster Housing
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Disaster Housing (29).JPG
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Disaster Housing (28).JPG
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Quarantine Facility

Short Stay Isolation for (Aii) Airborne Infectious Isolation is another first developed and manufactured by Eagle. This standalone state of the art negative pressurized facility built for ICE in Dilley Texas protects both the staff and patients from infectious airborne diseases.

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Isolation (2).jpg
Isolation (19).jpg
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Specialty Applications

The Eagle Disaster Housing design can be massed produced under extreme demands when needed. Each custom-built 40’ long facility can be stocked with up to 48,000 lbs. of supplies.

Manufactured in the
United States of America




Countries with Product






AES Power, American Inland Marine

Battelle, Dug away UT Project


Bechtel National Inc.

Bethlehem Steel

Brown and Root Service Caterpillar Inc

Caterpillar Inc, China

Caterpillar Defense Group

Con Ed Power

Dell Webb Corporation

Delphi Packard

Dravo Lime Company

DuPont Photo Mat

Entergy Power

G/E Rail

Ferrari Fire Equipment

Florida Power and Light

Flour Daniel

Ford Motor Company

Granite Construction


Honda Motor Company


Illinois American Water

Integrated Technology

Keystone Steel and Wire

Kinder Morgan

Kolbe Steel

Komatsu Ltd.

Komatsu Mining

Mid America Entergy

New York Power and Light

Norfolk Naval Base

North Shore Mine

Orion Development

PAE Defense Group

Puget Sound Naval Base

Raytheon, Wake Island Missile Base

Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island Ill.

Shaw Environmental

Shell Oil


Shell Oil

TVA Authority

U.S. Air Force

U.S. Army

U.S. Marine

U.S. Navy

U.S. Steel

University of Chicago, Gamma Ray Telescope

University of Mississippi

University of Maryland

University of Nebraska PICO Project

Yellowstone National Park

Detention Facilities

Bermuda United Kingdom

Pelham, Georgia 

Carter County, Tennessee

Milner Ridge, Manitoba Canada

Cayman Islands, United Kingdom

St. Croix USA

Decatur County, Indiana



“Bechtel National wishes to thank the Eagle Companies for their exceptional performance in support of the Aberdeen Chemical Agent Neutralization Facility. In the wake of September 11, the rapid construction of a facility to destroy a mustard gas agent stockpile at Aberdeen became a matter of national security. Eagle Companies met all requirements and delivery of the building without exception”.

Janet L. Vail. Deputy Project

Procurement Manager


Taking care of the environment means getting actively involved in conservation projects where we live, work, and recreate said Mangum. “Eagle Companies is doing just that, and its efforts will benefit people, wildlife, and the environment for years to come”.

Lee Magnum, Director for the Auburn Cooperative Sanitary System


Thank you very much for the consistent quality you and provided us over the last couple of years. The craftsmanship and quality built into your product, plus providing “above and beyond” customer service satisfaction, keeps us coming back.

The mobile workshops and warehouse we have purchased and deplored overseas, have kept our product at the highest levels of readiness for the troops. Our program is considered the best in-theater for CE/MHE (Construction and Material Handling Equipment) service and support. With the workshops you provided to us, we would not have come close to providing the highest levels of Caterpillar product readiness and the best quality in arts and service support.



Rich Gardner

Program Manager

Customer Support Division

Defense and Federal Products

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